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Winner Experience: American Horror Story 1

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Ashley S. and her husband got to experience their favorite show firsthand when they visited the set of American Horror Story. They had lunch with Evan Peters, toured the set and even shot a walk-on role. Read on to hear more about their scarily exciting day!

What was it like when you first got to the set?

When we got there, we got our own trailer which was super cool because we weren’t expecting that at all. Then we worked with the costume department to decide our outfit for the shoot and a production assistant came over and gave us a menu and had us pick out what we wanted to eat.

Did you get to tour any of the sets?

Yes, we got to see three different sets! It was crazy to be able to walk through and see what we usually just watch on TV.

What did you do while you waited to film your scene?

We watched Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson rehearse for the scene that we were going to be filming later. It was a dress rehearsal so there weren’t that many people on set and we got to see them run lines which was a cool experience!

What was it like meeting Evan Peters for lunch?

Evan was the most down-to-earth, chill person I’ve ever met in my life! I was really nervous, but he made it super relaxed and fun! He asked us what we did for a living and we talked about what he does in his free time. He was really interested in getting to know us.

Did you meet any other cast members?

We met Adina Porter, who was really sweet. She hugged us and hung out for a bit, which was so fun because we were not expecting to meet her!

What was it like being there to actually film a scene?

When they brought us in, they said, “These are our VIPs and we need to make sure that they’re on camera!” There were like 200 other people in there who looked a bit jealous, so we explained to them that we won a contest and a couple people in the audience said that they had entered as well!

Did you get Evan’s autograph?

I actually brought a Funko Pop Doll of Evan that my husband got me for Christmas a couple of years ago. I was too afraid to ask him to sign it for me at lunch, but while we were waiting to shoot he walked by us and I asked him and he said, “Absolutely! This was one of my favorite characters and you could’ve asked me at lunch! I’m so glad you have this and I’m so glad I could meet you guys and hang out!” Then he said it was a crazy opportunity because usually the show is so hush hush, which just reminded us how cool this all was.

Did you get any pictures?

We took a picture, but they wouldn’t send it to us until the episode airs just in case they change anything. And this whole time I’ve been worried because my eyes are closed in 99% of the pictures I take, but I emailed them yesterday and they sent the photo over and my eyes are open! So I was super happy about that!

What would you say the highlight of the whole experience was?

Definitely meeting Evan Peters! When we met him, he asked if we were excited and I told him, “I kind of feel like this is right up there with my wedding day!” and he gave my husband this hilarious look!

Do you have any final thoughts for your fellow Omazers and fans of American Horror Story?

I’m still pinching myself. It was crazy, and I still don’t even understand how it happened because so many people entered! Everybody that worked on the show, from assistants to producers, were all super sweet and went above and beyond what we even expected. All I wanted to do was meet Evan Peters and take a picture! I was not expecting everything else we got to do and see. And my poor husband—even though he loves the show too—was such a trooper because he spent the whole night sitting there watching me gawk over Evan Peters! I don’t even know how to thank you guys and the show for hosting it. It was literally a dream come true. Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Ashley! And thank you all for supporting Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and their work to create hope and build healthier futures by delivering compassionate medical care to sick and injured children.

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