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How to Win Tickets to Bruce Springsteen’s Sold-Out Broadway Show

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Springsteen on Broadway, Bruce Springsteen‘s critically acclaimed solo show, is the rockstar’s most intimate performance in decades. It’s also completely—and frustratingly—sold out. But this glory day doesn’t have to pass you by just yet. Omaze is offering one lucky winner the chance to win two tickets to the show, plus a private meet-and-greet with The Boss himself.

Use the promo code GLORYDAYS at checkout to score 100 extra entries to win. And read on to find out why this show is unlike anything you’ve seen from The Boss before.

When a 975-Seat Theater Feels Like a Living Room

Calling Broadway’s 975-seat Walter Kerr Theatre “intimate” may sound ridiculous to some, but not when the artist on the stage is Bruce Springsteen. We’re used to seeing The Boss perform in stadiums, supported by the joyful E Street Band. In comparison, Springsteen on Broadway is extraordinarily small and personal. At one point during the show Bruce steps away from the mic and sings directly to the audience. And you can still hear every soulful crack of his voice. That’s how small this space is. (Mind. Blown.)

The Man Behind the Hits

Using a mix of storytelling and stripped down versions of the songs that defined his career, Springsteen on Broadway offers fans a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience Bruce Springsteen like they’ve never experienced him before. We’re talking just Bruce, his guitar and his life laid bare… for fewer than 1,000 people. Those lucky enough to snag tickets will get to listen to the living legend wax poetic about life, death, love, religion. You know, the big stuff. We’re tearing up just thinking about it!

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Chance

When else will such a small audience get the chance to listen to Bruce tell the story of his life while playing the songs that defined theirs?

Probably never again.

That’s why Omaze is thrilled to offer one lucky winner and a guest the chance to get flown to NYC for this emotional, career-defining show. Best of all, donations for the chance to win support the Bob Woodruff Foundation and their mission to help impacted veterans, service members and their families thrive.

So don’t miss out! Enter now and you’ll get 100 extra entries when you use the code GLORYDAYS at checkout.

You can live the dream too!

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