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Meet the Winners Who Scored Super Exclusive Fresh Prince Air Jordans

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There are the exclusive Fresh Prince Air Jordan 5s… then there are the super exclusive gold version only available to Will Smith’s friends and family. Meet the 23 newest additions to Will’s friends and family crew who scored these sweet shoes.

Sylvia M. from Lincoln, CA

Kris C. from Toronto, Canada

Colin D. from Monterey, CA

Peggy V. from Chantilly, VA

Øyvind S. from Rokland, Norway

Chantel C. from Chicago, IL

Rudy C. from Roslindale, MA

Daniel V. from Victoria, Seychelles

Ryan W. from Johannesburg, South Africa

Elisa V. from Amersfoort, Netherlands

Jamie G. from Columbia, TN

David H. from Colorado Springs, CO

Tina W. from West Haven, CT

Alan R. from Houston, TX

Natalia A. from London, England

Antoinette C. from Los Angeles, CA

Suzzie H. from Granville, Australia

Jaclyn M. from Columbiaville, MI

Margory N. from Chillán, Chile

Arcadiy G. from Beverly Hills, CA

Tim T. from Cheltenham, PA

Whitney C. from Norman, OK

Price C. from Albany, NY

Thank you to everyone who supported some truly incredible causes for the chance to join Will Smith’s bungee-jumping 50th birthday celebration! If you’re looking for more ways to give back (and cool stuff to win), we’ve got them here.

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