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Volunteer Recap: International Rescue Committee

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The International Rescue Committee (or the IRC) responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises by providing safety, health, education, and economic wellbeing to people who have been affected by conflict and disaster. I was familiar with the IRC before we partnered with them on our Game of Thrones campaign, being previously involved with their San Diego chapter through a nonprofit I worked for right after college. I remember thinking they were such a cool organization to work with, and continually being impressed by the quality of their work, their employees, and their impact on the surrounding community.


Flash forward a few years, and here I am at Omaze, where we just offered up the chance to join the Game of Thrones cast at their season six premiere, all to benefit the work of the IRC. Currently, the IRC is the only international relief agency responding on all fronts to the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe and the Middle East. Their work in the U.S. involves the resettlement of refugees from around the world, and it was such a privilege to get to support this important work through one of our campaigns.


For our May volunteer activity, we hosted a handful of the IRC’s Early Employment center clients, each of whom had recently relocated to the U.S. and are looking to establish jobs and career paths. We paired Omaze employees with IRC clients to begin formulating a vision and timeline for their dream work trajectory, and, together, each pair established long term goals, realistic timelines, and pathways to success. It was incredible!


Once everyone was finished, we went around the room and the IRC clients shared their plans. It was so inspiring. Each person had so many exciting aspirations for their lives here in the U.S. and plans for what their futures will hold, and despite any hardship each IRC client had gone through, they maintained such positivity and hope. It served as a good reminder to all of us to do the same.

– Natalie, Executive Assistant

You can learn more about the IRC’s awesome work and support their cause at

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