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Updates to Reflect Our Commitment to You

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We’re making some exciting updates to reflect our continued commitment to you. You’ll see that along with a few other things, we’ve got a new look, featuring an updated logo that better reflects the Omaze we are today. Which, at our core, is the Omaze we’ve always been: a fundraising company empowering nonprofits to continue their life-changing work, while also giving you the chance to win a dream come true.

So… here are a few updates:

  • See how much money was granted to the nonprofit. After a sweepstakes ends, we’re sharing the dollar amount that goes to the designated cause—just check back on the experience page for updates.
  • New dream house giveaways on! We’re now offering the chance to win incredible houses. These massive prizes generate massive impact—like a new epilepsy unit for an Orlando pediatric hospital. You may have seen past U.S. house giveaways on a separate website, but now they’re on, right alongside your favorite cars, trips and celebrity experiences.
  • The new, simplified look and logo! The updated logo represents the ripple effect created by your donations, our collective spirit of optimism, the world we’re dreaming better together, and of course, an ‘O’ for Omaze.

These changes are the first of many we’re making to bring transparency to the forefront of Omaze and celebrate the world-changing impact of this awesome community (aka, YOU).

Thanks for being on this journey with us! It’s an honor to grow and evolve with you.

You can live the dream too!

Check out our current experiences.

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