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The Best Home Gaming Systems for 2020

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An awesome way to pass the time at home? Gaming! It’s fun, safe and there’s something for everyone thanks to the variety of home gaming systems available. When you picture home gaming systems, the wildly popular Xbox, PlayStation or Wii may come to mind—but those systems are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to options for home gaming. Read on to learn more about some of the many home gaming systems that are available to transform your home into a gamer’s paradise!

Gaming Consoles: Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Wii

2020 is an exciting year for fans of gaming consoles—particularly fans of Xbox and Playstation—both of which have brand new consoles coming out in November. Between the launches of the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5, gamers have a lot to be excited about heading into the holiday season. If you’re a casual to serious gamer (or you live with one!), equipping your home with one of the classic gaming consoles might be the perfect option if you want access to some of the most famous and sought after games—such as Call of Duty, Madden and Red Dead Redemption.

Gaming PC

For those who prefer gaming on their PC, a computer with specific gaming capabilities could be the perfect asset to add to your home gaming collection. Oftentimes it’s the more serious gamers who seek out high-level gaming PCs, but they can be enjoyable for people of all interest levels. From League of Legends to Overwatch, some of the most internationally known games are only available on PC.

Home Arcade and Vintage Games

For gamers looking for a more non-traditional home gaming experience, consider installing a home arcade with vintage games that bring back nostalgia from childhood. Turning your game room into an arcade is the perfect way to entertain guests or kick back on a Friday with an exciting night of competitive gaming.

Win a Home Gaming System or Gaming Experience with Omaze

Omaze features a variety of incredible gaming sweepstakes designed for those who want to take their love of gaming to the next level. Browse the following sweepstakes for the chance to win a gaming PC or another amazing gaming prize.

Win a Gaming PC: Design your Dream Computer

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Customizing your dream computer from the ground up is an opportunity gamers, designers and techies alike would love to experience. Omaze is offering just that—a chance to take $20,000 and turn it into your perfect gaming PC or home computer. With a wireless gaming mouse, keyboard and headset included, this computer will take your home office or gaming room to the next level.

Win the Ultimate Home Arcade or Game Room

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Omaze is offering you the chance to design the game room of your dreams! Equipped with $30,000, you will have the chance to customize a game room to your liking by selecting vintage arcade games, pinball machines, comfortable seating, and anything else you can dream up. Give your game room the royal treatment and impress your friends and family with your incredible gaming sanctuary.

Play Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater with Tony Hawk Himself

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If you loved the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games growing up then this incredible sweepstakes is for you! Omaze is offering one lucky winner (and a friend) the chance to meet Tony Hawk for an afternoon of playing the remastered collection of Pro Skater and watching Tony skate at his personal training facility. For fans of skateboarding, this is a can’t-miss-opportunity to meet one of the most iconic names in sports history.

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