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You Could Win a Tesla… and Not Just Any Tesla

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We’ve all got a dream car in mind. Ours? A Tesla Model 3. Not just any Model 3 though—we’re dreaming of the sixth Tesla Model 3 ever made––the one that currently belongs to Elon’s brother, Kimbal Musk! And it really could be yours. Each donation to win a car supports the amazing work of Kimbal’s charity, Big Green, so enter here.

Use promo code ELECTRIC at checkout to score 100 extra entries to win. Ready for the details on this newest member of the Tesla family/your potential new ride? Let’s go.

Smoothest Drive Ever

Whether you’re cruising the freeway or coasting on an open road, the Tesla Model 3’s low center of gravity will change your driving experience forever. With its smooth and instantaneous acceleration, you’ll feel like you’re actually gliding. If you’re looking to slow down, just take your foot off the accelerator and your speed will decrease like you’re braking. No really. It has state of the art one-pedal driving. And with a long-range battery, you’ll never cut a joyride short.

All the Special Features

Because it’s equipped with the premium upgrade package, this Model 3 also comes fully loaded with special features. We’re talking Wi-Fi/LTE connectivity, voice-activated controls, a premium audio system with surround speakers and a dual zone climate system. It even includes an Autopilot system that keeps you in your lane and and at your speed, and adjusts as needed with the flow of traffic. Talk about a smart car! Use the 15” touchscreen with onboard maps and navigation to keep an eye on temperature, speed, battery usage and more.

Literally Handcrafted to Perfection

In Kimbal’s recent reddit AMA, he shared another reason why this car really is so special. Not only is it one of the first Tesla Model 3’s ever made, but a lot of its parts were literally made by hand. The level of care put into the making of this car is unlike anything we’ve ever seen, and we can’t wait to share that with one lucky winner. Will it be you?

The Model 3 goes from zero to 60 in just over five seconds–about as long as it’ll take you to enter to win! Enter now and you’ll get 100 bonus entries when you use the promo code ELECTRIC at checkout.

You can live the dream too!

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