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Take a Chance Day

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Happy National Take a Chance Day! Last year, you rocked our world with the outpour of comments telling us different ways you’ve all taken chances. This year, we’re shouting out a few of you bold risk-takers to thank you for sharing your stories. Check them out below.

My wife continually takes leaps even though it scares her. She has spent her life wanting her own restaurant so she took a leap and bought an old camper trailer in hopes to turn it into a food truck. I’m just proud she has taken the leap and is trying. Some people are too afraid to try because they may fail, but she’s going for it to be her own boss. I love her and I’m proud of her.
– Steven Q.

What a great idea. Thinking about it, I have taken the chance to live the life I have been born for. I have put aside all doubts like being too old, too inexperienced or even not being worthy… I have not yet arrived where I want to be, but the journey so far has been worth taking the chance.
– Susanne B.

My name is Casey and today marks my 3 year soberversary. Three years ago I took a chance, a leap if you will and went to rehab. It certainly has paid off. I had my second child in sobriety. I am blessed beyond measure. I took a chance on me, and as an alcoholic. That was a pretty big leap at that time.
– Casey H.

Four years ago I decided to start a new life. I arrived to the UK only with one backpack, two handbags and around a thousand pound of savings. The first month was hard, but I found starting job as a hall porter where I was able to improve my English. 1.5 years later I was able to get a job in an office as a bilingual call center agent and a week ago I’ve got my first full English job as a technical support operator in an Engineering company. The next step is the citizenship. 🙂 I feel myself lucky to have all of this success but I’m working hard to keep on track.
– Z-Jay

My birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I had purchased some Janet Jackson concert tickets months ago to celebrate. The tour was postponed…but I received my refund for the tickets and took a chance today! I decided to do something even better and could possibly brighten the day for more people than just myself. I entered the RDJ campaign! The causes listed are very worthy of support. And I have to say taking this chance has made me feel wonderful—better than having some hearing loss and sore throat from screaming at a concert! Plus, I am secretly hoping to win of course! Who wouldn’t want to meet the great RDJ and to see NYC! I have never been to NYC and what a birthday treat that would be! Take a chance everyone and enter your favorite campaign—I promise you will feel like a winner just by hitting the enter button!
– Lisa W.

This made me realize I don’t have one of those moments. So now I’m determined to make one happen and I thank you for that! Xoxoxox
– Angela

Are you feeling as inspired as we are? Take a leap and share how you or someone you know has taken a chance in the comments below.

Regardless of where your chance-taking leads, being bold enough to take a risk is the real win. So whether you enter to win your dream experience*, or take another kind of chance today, you rock and we wish you the best of luck!

*If you’re feeling like taking a chance on an Omaze experience, use promo code TAKECHANCES for 100 bonus entries—good through April 25.


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