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The $1.5M Goal to Support the Black Community

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Last June, we spoke out in solidarity with the Black community against systemic racism and white supremacy. Black lives matter, and every day we’re taking actions to contribute to a more fair, just and equal world. Today we wanted to share an update.

We’re working to fundraise $1.5 million for CAF America in support of three nonprofits in the social justice space over the next three years. After much thought, research and discussion, we’re excited to announce that the three nonprofits selected are:

BVM Capacity Building Institute (“Black Voters Matter”)

Forward Impact (“Represent Justice”)

Black Girl Ventures Foundation (“Black Girl Ventures”)

These organizations are so inspiring and we’re extremely grateful for the opportunity to support them. And fundraising is already underway! We’re on track to raise enough for CAF America to grant a total of $500,000 to each of these causes over the next three years.

Meet the nonprofit grantees.

Black Voters Matter works to increase power in marginalized, predominantly Black communities through voter registration, advocacy for policies that expand voting rights and access, organizational development, and more.

Represent Justice turns stories into action to change the justice system. Your donation will help support Represent Justice’s programs that build the capacity of system-impacted communities, advocacy initiatives to support change in policies that perpetuate racism within the system, and media that creates public demand for a fair legal system, dignity for system-impacted individuals, and an end to extreme sentencing and mass incarceration.

Black Girl Ventures addresses the unique challenges Black and brown women face in accessing social and financial capital to grow their businesses. Funds raised will help launch a new BGV chapter in Los Angeles, as well as support their existing Houston chapter.

You can live the dream too!

Check out our current experiences.

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