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Summer of Good Things Winners

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This is it: Your 100 super awesome winners from the Summer of Good Things are here! Congrats to everyone who won and thank you to everyone who participated. Let’s keep making good things happen.

Drumroll please…

Ryan G. won an awesome vacation for two.

Emily R. scored 40,000 bonus entries.

Jacqueline L. will get a two- or three-night stay at any hotel.

Scott A. can take a friend on an epic a cruise.

Cynthia H. will be snapping all the pictures with her Canon DSLR.

Zoe Z. and Patrik S. are the proud new owners of an iPhone X.

Alex R. and Casey G. can hear you loud and clear on their Google Pixel 2.

Faisal Q., Megan H. and Luke J. will enjoy their new Apple TVs.

Tucker G., Lori M. and Alison B. can do it all on their iPads.

Leah R., Caryn I., Ezgi Selen A., Deja E. and Jann L. can all watch anything their heart desires with subscriptions to Hulu, Netflix and HBO.

Hector P., Francis G., Timothy C., William H. and Steven G. can go wild online with their Amazon gift cards.

Caprice K., Michelle L., Jacob H., Rina G. and Jen S. scored a Visa gift card and $100 to a charity of their choice.

Amantia A., Philip L., Charlene S., Bradlee C. and Luis V. are going to rock out thanks to their Live Nation/Ticketmaster gift cards.  

Harry B., April Y., Austin L., Carla F. and Michelle D. will be eating well with the help of their OpenTable gift cards.

Patrick R., Christopher H., Tamar G., Jackie B., Diego L., Paula M., Sabrina B., Natalie W., Andrew J. and Ainslie C. will go high-tech with their Amazon Echos.

Rob C., Tiffany S., Michael C., Izabela P., Shannon O., Fiona C., Don L., Shawn T., Christina A., Matthew R., Nina M., Timothy R., Edric C., Joshua R., Jason A., Seth C., Lisa W., Edward B., Ali N. and Kristopher G. can get the party started with their Bluetooth speakers.

Jeffrey M., John P., Peter T., Raeanna A., Tanner R., Ευρυδίκη B., Colin M., William M., Anthony D., Tyler D., Mark S., Lukas V., Peter M., Cristian V. and George M. will rep their exclusive Omaze tee of choice.

David S., Alex A., James R., Asad R., Wes J., Crystal C., Alice Y., Brandon T., Megan H. and Melanie S. will grab a friend and head to the movies with their pair of movie tickets.

Sebastian P., Elizabeth C., Mara M., Zachary W. and Traci H. will light up their homes with a cinema light box.

All winners have been notified.

Looking for more good things to win and causes to support? We’ve got them here.

You can live the dream too!

Check out our current experiences.

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