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Spend a Magical Night in the Cinderella Castle Suite at Walt Disney World Resort

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It’s one of the most exclusive hotel rooms in the world. It cannot be booked for any amount of money. And it’s located high up in Cinderella’s Castle at Walt Disney World. That’s right, a night in the Cinderella Castle Suite—often considered the ultimate dream experience for Disney fans—cannot be bought. But it can be won. Read on to learn more about the impossible-to-book private suite and how you can use the promo code WISH at checkout* for your chance to win this trip of a lifetime.

A Dream (Space) Unrealized
Much like another secretive Disney touchstone, Walt’s apartment in Disneyland, the Cinderella Castle Suite was intended to be a living space for Walt Disney and his family when they visited the park in Florida. Unfortunately, the man behind the mouse passed away before Disney World opened, and the unique space was left unfinished for almost 30 years.

A Bedroom Fit For Royalty
Fast-forward to 2006, when Disney Imagineers turned the forgotten rooms behind the castle’s stained glass windows into an opulent 17th-century bedchamber. Refitted with a marble-floored foyer, a sitting room, a bathroom and a bedroom (with two queen-sized beds, fit for… well, a queen!), the suite’s transformation was like that of a pumpkin turning into a carriage: simply magical.

17th-Century Beauty, 21st-Century Comfort
The suite, which can sleep up to six people, boasts all the elegance of a 17th-century castle, but with the conveniences and luxuries of a 21st-century grand hotel. In addition to all the odes to Cinderella (a pumpkin coach mosaic, a custom-crafted glass slipper, headboards displaying “C”), the suite also features a delightful mix of old and new: A regal fireplace is lit with fiber optics instead of wood, a portrait of Cinderella and a mirror both transform into flatscreen televisions and castle servants have been replaced with a 24-hour concierge.

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
Wish you could see this secret but treasured part of Disney? The bad news is Disney doesn’t offer tours of the suite to the public, they’ve been known to turn down offers of huge amounts of money to reserve it and the rooms can often go weeks without a guest stepping inside. The good news? Omaze wants to be your fairy godmother! We’re thrilled to announce the castle will be opening its doors for one lucky winner and five friends, all in support of Give Kids The World Village, a nonprofit organization that exists solely to fulfill the wishes of critically ill children and their families. Flights and 2-day Disney Park passes are included, and the winner might be just be bibbidi… bobbidi… YOU. Enter now and you’ll get 100 extra entries when you use the code WISH at checkout*.

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