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Let’s Help Spread Happiness

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We hope you’re enjoying your Summer of Good Things*! In the spirit of celebrating goodness, we wanted to create a place where we could all read some positive, uplifting stuff. So please tell us something good in the comments! It can be anything: stories from your weekend, a cherished memory, a shoutout to someone you’re proud of. We’ll start.

  1. A 6-year old in Atlanta raised $13,000 for immigrant children, all from a lemonade stand.
  2. In 2013, a service dog received an honorary master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University in mental health counseling because he attended all his owner’s classes!
  3. The Omaze office got air conditioning just in time for the summer heat wave.

Now it’s your turn! We can’t wait to read what you’ve got.

*Reminder: We’re rewarding your awesome generosity by giving you the chance to win exclusive summer prizes! All you have to do is make two donations before August 31.

You can live the dream too!

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