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Experience Recap: The Ultimate James Bond Experience

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Remember Reyer? He donated to The Opportunity Network, which provides resources and opportunities to low income students. He also won the ultimate James Bond experience! He and his friend Frank flew to London, met Daniel Craig at the Spectre premiere, and drove an Aston Martin. Reyer even got to take home an Omega watch. We tracked him down for some details.

How amazing was it?
Beyond amazing. Every day was full of never-ending cool experiences. I can hardly describe it.

Please try. At least tell us the coolest part of the premiere.
As an event and a movie, you just can’t compare it. And at the theatre, the actual Royal family was sitting right beneath us. I could see them right below our balcony.

So in one word it was…?


Give us the scoop on Daniel Craig.
He was very relaxed and most of the time he was the one asking us questions. It was definitely a two-way street. He also gave us tips for the Aston Martin course.

James Bond Winner
What was the driving part like?
Frank and I both got to drive and we really enjoyed it. I was driving the Aston Martin where James Bond crashed his in the movie. Daniel told us to let the instructor take the wheel at some point and when he was driving we were going so fast. I was just smiling like crazy. Seriously, it was so fast.


What surprised you the most?
When we arrived in Royal Albert Hall, we had our own special suite with buckets of beers and champagne. All for us! We had our own box in the theatre and like I said, the Royals were right below us. Walking the red carpet was also crazy, people were trying to fist bump us in case we were famous.


What can you not stop thinking about?
The cars. There were two, Vanquish and the DB9GT. I chose the DB initially but then got to ride the other. And the watch. At one point a big Omega watch was delivered to my room. I couldn’t trust anyone else with it so I actually carried it between my legs on the flight back. We both still have to come back down to Earth. It was unreal.





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