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Let’s Talk Impact… and Pie.

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We love you. Which means we feel comfortable talking to you about deep things, like… pie. (Trust us here.) But before we dig in, you’ll need some context: As a society, the way we think about charity is wrong. But, we wouldn’t present a problem without having a recipe to help. And a key ingredient? You. Because of the generosity from people like you, our work and the services we provide are challenging conventional thinking around fundraising and working to change it for the better.

Charities are commonly judged by the percentage of their funds that goes directly to impact—and looked down on for investing that money on marketing or awareness plays. Old school organizations often rely on fancy galas, expensive dinners and black-tie balls to raise large sums of money from a limited donor base. However, these events are usually only once or twice a year, are pricey to organize and just barely cover the cost—meaning the charity’s ongoing fundraising needs probably won’t be met. Think there’s got to be a better way? Us too.

This is where our recipe comes in. We believe fundraising should be about impact, not percentages. Every ounce of our passion and creativity is focused on supporting nonprofits so they can easily raise money and sustain the meaningful work they do. We provide everything from the tech team who builds the website you’re currently browsing, the content team behind the video of your favorite celeb that you found us through, the finance team who makes sure your money gets to the charity you supported, the marketing team that sent you to this very blog post, and many, many more. Our for-profit model enables us to expand these services we offer far beyond what is usually done in the nonprofit space—and therefore increase the total dollars raised for our partners. Because what it really all comes down to is the size of the total pie… not necessarily the size of the slice.

Yes. Pie. We need to start looking at charities and their funds in a different way. The focus should be on the size of the pie (total raised), not the size of the slice (the percentage). Still a little fuzzy? We’ll break it down. 90% of $100,000 might be a bigger percentage, but 60% of $500,000 is more money, and can therefore make more impact. But how do you get that bigger pie? By investing money in services that will expand the reach of the campaign, and therefore the number of donors. If you’re hungry for more background on this mindset, watch Dan Pallotta’s TED Talk.

Our charity partners work tirelessly to create real change in the world. And because our mission is to serve world changers (the charities and you!), we decided to do things differently than most. Every Omaze campaign is self-funded and requires no budget from our partners, which is why we optimize our work to create the biggest pie possible—and therefore the biggest impact.

Now excuse us while we go find some pie.

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