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Chaperoning the Entourage Experience

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Meet Natalie, Omaze’s in-house Entourage enthusiast who accompanied our Entourage winner Craig and his wife to the movie premiere. Here, she dishes on Adrian Grenier’s dreamy eyes, and more. 

What was the night like?
It was amazing! We met Adrian and his “entourage” at the W Hotel in Westwood for a champagne toast, even though I don’t know how to open a champagne bottle! (Thankfully, someone from Adrian’s group opened it.) Our winners chatted with Adrian about their love of the show and the amazing charities involved. Then they joined him for a walk down the red carpet as they headed into the premiere. Adrian’s whole family was there too, which was really sweet.

What did you do to prepare?
I only found out that morning that I would be chaperoning, so thank god I brought a pair of heels to the office that day! I had just enough time to grab the champagne and snacks, quickly change clothes, and head over to the hotel. They met me in the lobby and were so nervous and excited! They kept asking each other how they looked and talking about who they wanted to meet.

Tell us about your love of Entourage.Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 5.17.23 PM
I’m the BIGGEST Entourage fan. I own every season, and have watched each of them probably 15 times. I can recite whole portions of episodes—especially some of Ari Gold’s famous tirades—and Sloan was one of my earliest inspirations for my current hair color. It’s a full-blown obsession!

What was your favorite part?
Getting to touch Adrian Grenier when we shook hands… kidding! Kind of. But really. Those eyes are just as dreamy in real life as they are on the big screen.

What is your dream experience?
To be perfectly honest, given the intensity of my obsession, my dream experience would probably be this one! I’m so grateful working at Omaze means I was able to share this moment with our winners.

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