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Impact Update: Up to Us

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Recently, we teamed up with Shailene Woodley to create a custom t-shirt that supports the nonprofit Up to Us and their work to support Standing Rock. Tons of you have rocked the shirt, and taken a stand. Now it’s time to check out what your support really means.

Up to Us is committed to empowering communities across the country to organize in the face of adversity, and to challenge officials to create change. Currently, they’re dedicated to the Standing Rock protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

They’ve enabled hundreds of protesters to camp out at the Standing Rock site for months, providing the supplies and shelter needed to make their voices heard around the world. These protests have raised huge awareness of the environmental impact that the pipeline would have for the local Sioux tribe.

Your t-shirt purchases helped outfit campers for the long haul at the Standing Rock site. Organizers have now been able to provide several dozen Tarpees, which can warmly house over a dozen protesters every night. The medical, kitchen, security and fire safety teams have also been able to resupply. They’ve stocked up on radios, tools, emergency and first-aid equipment, blankets, heaters and firewood to keep campers warm, safe and able to stand their ground.

The Army Corps of Engineers announced on Sunday they would not allow the pipeline to go through the Standing Rock reservation, but water protectors are remaining at the camp to ensure the land stays safe. And your support is literally fueling the fire at Standing Rock, keeping the pipeline protest alive and strong and allowing Up to Us to empower more communities around the country. So stand up, then take a bow.

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