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Helping GivePower Provide Clean Water

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GivePower provides clean water to regions in need, and we’re thrilled to have helped fund two of their large-scale water farms in La Gonâve, Haiti and Kiunga, Kenya. They run on solar power and convert brackish water into fresh drinking water! Amazing, right?

The people of Kiunga have been forced to drink, cook and bathe in contaminated, brackish water for years. In 2018, GivePower installed its first-ever solar water farm—a desalination system that can provide clean water to 35,000 every single day.

More recently, still thanks to the generosity of the Omaze community, GivePower completed their second large-scale solar water farm in La Gonâve, Haiti, a densely-populated region facing extreme water scarcity.

Fresh, clean drinking water is critical for these regions to combat and treat fever, malnourishment and a host of waterborne diseases that these communities face. We’re incredibly grateful to have played a part in creating this life-changing impact, and we know that by continuing to work together we can do even more around the world. Thanks to everyone who supported this cause!

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