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Having a Blast Blowing Sh*t Up With Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Hey! I’m Kendall, and I was one of the Omazers that got to watch Arnold Schwarzenegger blow sh*t up this past weekend. Having never blown up more than a handful of sparklers on 4th of July, I didn’t know what I was in for.

But first things first. Meet our lucky winner, Jeff!

Jeff and his guest Eda started the day off like any other morning: breakfast and a workout. Except this time it was with Arnold Schwarzenegger. At his house. They had oatmeal, fresh fruit and coffee, and bonded over their love of fitness and watches. Arnold even brought out a watch specially made for Jeff! After doing a quick morning workout in Arnold’s personal gym, it was time to head out to Santa Clarita to have a blast. Several (very big) blasts.


First thing on the agenda? Cruise around in Arnold’s personal tank, you know, the one he shipped over from Austria. They took a few laps, Arnold driving, Jeff and Eda waving at us every time they passed by.


Then it was time to start blowing sh*t up. What sh*t? The list included: a watermelon ?, teddy bear ?, cake ?, the world’s largest (deliverable) pizza ?, a dollhouse ?, a TV ? and a boat ?. These explosions were much bigger than a wimpy sparkler.



Midway through, Arnold and Jeff took a cigar break and snapped a few selfies with a bazooka. Ya know, just typical Saturday activities with the Terminator.


Once everything had been blown to pieces, Arnold did one last lap in his tank, with Jeff riding shotgun and Omazers riding on top (and hanging on very tightly)!


As the day came to a close, Arnold hugged Jeff and Eda goodbye and said hasta la vista.*

That’s our recap for now, but be sure to keep checking back here, as we’re working on a full video from this unbelievable experience. Can’t wait to share more!

I’ll be back,


*Arnold’s parting words were not technically “Hasta la vista”, but he did say “See you later,” to our team, so po-ta-to, po-tah-to.


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