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Happy Best Friends Day!

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Each day in the Omaze office we get to work with some great friends (humans and dogs alike). However, we wouldn’t be here serving world changers if our fearless leaders Ryan Cummins and Matt Pohlson hadn’t met as undergrads while attending Stanford University.


Soon after, they both received their MBAs and worked together as executive producers for the Clinton Foundation. They’ve been best friends ever since.


What’s it like to build a company and work with your best friend every day?* In honor of International Best Friends Day, we asked Matt and Ryan, and as always, were dazzled by their wisdom.

1) Make a pact to never show embarrassing pictures to your team from your past. (Like the ones above.)
2) Laughter is the shortest distance between two people. So even in the times where you see things differently, end with laughter.
3) Wear the same costumes as much as possible.
4) Being a co-founder is like being married. Even when you are married to your best friend, you have to always invest in your partnership.
5) Develop a deep understanding of what animal impressions your partner is capable of.

*Chief’s tip? Don’t forget to ask for plenty of belly rubs and carrots.


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