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Happy Giving Tuesday from Omaze!

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Today, on Giving Tuesday, we want to celebrate the gift of giving. Here at Omaze, we have the unique privilege of telling people some of the most exciting news of their lives, and that’s not something we take for granted. In fact, it still gets our hearts pumping, our adrenaline flowing, and our sweat glands activating (is that just me?). When it’s time to tell a winner that they’re going to the Breaking Bad finale in an RV with the cast, or they’ll crush things with Arnold Schwarzenegger in his tank, or they’ll be in the new Star Wars movie, there’s a serious energy in the office. We gather around a laptop, fire up the Skype and roll the camera. Then the magic happens.

This is a love letter to our incredible donors, and our enthusiastic winners, whose passion and humor and smiling faces continue to make our jobs the absolute best. Giving Tuesday has given us a lot of joy. In turn, we’re giving you this video of some of our favorite people. Want your own magic moment? Go ahead and give a little. You just may win a lot.


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