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Happy Dog Day!

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In honor of this year’s National Dog Day, we’re highlighting a few of our office pups and the incredible organizations that took care of them ’til they found their furever homes. If you’re as serious about doggos as we are, consider donating to one of these amazing rescues, and stay tuned for a paw-sitively awesome surprise at the end…

Meet Dottie! She’s a seven-year-old Jack Russell Terrier and Border Collie mix. She spent a few too many years in the shelter, but never fear: Dottie got her happy ending. Last year, Jessie, our Senior Director of Operations, adopted Dottie through a wonderful organization called RescueWorks!

Yay Dottie! What’s she like?

Dottie’s chill and sweet. Her favorite things are head rubs, laying in the sun, leaning against her parents and sleeping. But don’t be fooled by her relaxed vibe, the speedy Jack Russell in her comes out every so often, especially if you whip out a treat. Dottie’s a master cuddler, by the way, and was crowned the coziest dog in the office.

Any Game of Thrones fans out there? ‘Cause up next is Arya. She’s 50% Chihuahua, 50% Lhasa Apso and 100% tiny and cute. She has a mysterious past, but this much is true: at four months old, our Audience Development Manager, Prab, adopted her through the Mary S. Roberts Adoption Center.

Tell us more!

Arya follows dad around the office literally nipping at his heels (she’s feisty like her namesake). She’s shy and she has the world’s littlest bark, but she’s not afraid to stand her ground when it comes to her food bowl. If she’s not in dad’s lap, you may find her napping on one of the Omaze couches…

And now for the cutest little Ewok tribe on the planet. Can you tell our QA Engineer, Laura, has a thing for Shih Tzus?

Let’s take a closer look…

Maxx (top right) was Laura’s first furry best friend, and she adopted him twelve years ago. Laura tells us that he loves to sleep, and is basically her in dog form. When Maxx visits the office, he has a knack for tracking down tennis balls, which he plays with for exactly five seconds before losing interest and begging for food during lunch.

Two years ago, Laura decided to adopt a friend for Maxx from Lhasa Happy Homes, a rescue in LA that specializes in saving Shih Tzus, Lhasa Apso’s and small breeds. She saw a picture of Punky (bottom right), and knew he was the one. He was shy and scared at first, but after two years and lots of TLC, he’s a whole new pup.

And here’s what Laura had to say about the day she met Jedi:

“When we went to meet Punky, I leaned down to pick up an adoption form and a small black and white Shih Tzu flopped into my lap and kissed my face. I died for a second. He was so sweet. The rescue team said, ‘Wow, Jedi really seems to love you!’ and I shouted, ‘Wait! his name is Jedi?!?!?!’ I’m a huge Star Wars fan, so this was the moment I realized I was going to get two dogs. I looked at my boyfriend, who said ‘No, no way. Only one,’ but he doesn’t actually know how to say no to me, so we got Jedi too!'”

Our Director of Business Affairs, Vikki, adopted this pretty Jindo Dingo mix in 2008 from the West LA Animal Shelter. Vikki had been looking for the perfect pup for over two years. When Vikki found her, Emmy was less than eight-weeks-old. Her litter was discovered in South Central LA without a mother just two weeks prior.

Why’d you name her Emmy (short for Emerson)?

“When I held her, I felt like a kid on vacation, happy and relaxed at the same time. I grew up vacationing in Montauk, NY, and the street where we would always stay (which ran parallel to the Atlantic Ocean) was named Emerson, hence her name.”

Emmy has some amazing quirks…

She will actually leave the room if Vikki’s watching something she doesn’t like–for example, if Grey’s Anatomy gets too intense. She absolutely loves coming to Omaze, especially when she can have the office to herself to explore. She gets along with the puppies best, even though she’s 10 years old. 

Last but not least, meet Stevie! He’s a seven year old Chihuahua and Terrier mix. He was rescued during Hurricane Harvey in Houston, and was flown to Los Angeles to start a new life. That’s where he met Erika, our Senior Marketing Manager, through the combined efforts of Best Friends Animal Society and Animal Wellness Foundation!

Hooray for Stevie! What’s he like?

Stevie loves flopping over for a good belly rub, and is pretty much as food obsessed as a dog can be. When he’s not (literally) bouncing around begging for dinner, he can be found lounging in one of his three (!!!) beds or sleeping in an Omaze conference room on his favorite blanket. Needless to say, this pup went through a lot, but the whole office has cheered Stevie on as he’s gradually come out of his shell.

And… that’s a wrap! Thanks for stopping by and meeting a few of our furriest coworkers. But before you go…

Use promo code DOGDAY to score free shipping on our “Adopt Love” shirt by this Friday, August 31. Proceeds benefit the Petco Foundation and their work to protect and save pets’ lives. So snag a tee, give back to one of the amazing rescues listed above OR share your own pup story in the comments below. We’d love to hear it! Happy Dog Day.

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