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Hanging Out with the Cast of Burn Notice in Miami

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After watching every single episode of Burn Notice, Patrick finally got to live his dream of hanging with the cast on set, performing a walk-on role, and having dinner with creator Matt Nix and Gabrielle Anwar, the actress that plays Fiona. Here’s the scoop he shared with Omaze after returning from Miami:

It was amazing! I loved being able to see what goes into making an episode – wardrobe, makeup, sound. The dinner with Matt Nix was awesome as well. He told us a few fun facts about certain episodes and shared a few of his favorite cover ID’s that Michael used in the show. We had the opportunity to talk with Jeffrey Donovan (Michael) on set and Gabrielle Anwar (Fiona) at dinner the night before. They both are so cool and made this experience extremely memorable.

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