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Happy Halloween, from Jamie Lee Curtis & Julian!

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I get to meet two of my favorite actors, watching my favorite movie franchise, in the city I always wanted to visit.” That’s what Julian said when he found out he was going to LA to watch the new Halloween movie with Jamie Lee Curtis AND Danny McBride!

This Halloween, we’re ditching the spooky stuff and bringing you some feel-good awesomeness: Julian and his girlfriend Ariana’s frighteningly incredible night! Check out these photos and read on to learn how Jamie and Danny greeted our lucky winners.


Tell us about the experience! What was the most memorable part?
Sitting with them after the movie and getting to know each other.

If you could sum up the experience in one word, what would it be?

Funny, that’s what we said. Did anything really fun or surprising happen?
Jamie and Danny jumped out and scared me when I first got there.

AHH! What a horrific honor. Besides that, what was it like meeting them? What did you talk about?
It was a dream come true and shocking to see how kind, caring and funny they are in person. We talked about lots but mostly about the Halloween franchise… which is my favorite topic.

Perfect. Is there anything else that you’d like to share with your fellow Omazers?
This was the greatest day of my life.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing, Julian. And thanks to everyone who donated to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for the chance to win this dream nightmare. HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!

You can live the dream too!

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