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Guest Post: Devin Mojica, Winner of Urban Arts’ Nagler Scholarship

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Devin Mojica is just one example of the kind of person you’re supporting when you donate to Urban Arts. Here’s his story:

devin3“This July I started at New York University Tisch School of the Arts. NYU, the college known around the world for its renowned and successful alumni, contains incredible and seemingly boundless opportunities like study abroad programs, internships, and creating your own major. I chose NYU because I knew that I would be challenged there, and my first semester has proved just that.

I want to reach my greatest potential in life. The people in my family don’t usually strive for the best because we don’t think we deserve it or could ever get it. I wanted to break that way of thinking for myself and the ones that come after me. I did that by applying to a prestigious college—to show it is important to dream, and to work hard in order to achieve that dream. I want to be an example to my nieces and nephews who will see me, and now hopefully think that they too can strive for something greater.

Growing up, I found comfort in films and television shows and later, plays. There is this creative release I get from performing that I simply need to have. It’s like the exhaust pipe on the top of an eighteen wheeler truck with the lid on it. Every time life becomes unbearably stressful, acting opens up that lid to alleviate the stress. Through Urban Arts I learned that my career doesn’t begin and stop at acting. I can use what I learned to start my own production company, direct my own shows, and start my own programs, similar to Urban Arts itself. In fact, I am starting a small production called Kind of Spades.

With all of the incredible skills I have acquired and have had the opportunity to experience, I feel most blessed to have been a part of an ensemble of young people. The amount of talent that radiates from the our ensemble is inspiring and enduring. At Urban Arts you don’t make friends for the moment; you make friends for life. Because of them I have learned that my hopes and dreams actually matter and can absolutely become reality if I work hard, because there are people out there who believe in me and everything I stand for. I am the luckiest person in the world to have found them at Urban Arts.” – Devin

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