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Guest Post: Winning a Walk-On role in White Collar

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Omaze’s White Collar winner has an Omazing time on the set of White Collar. Hear about what it was like to prep for her walk-on role:

“Friday was one of the most fun and exciting days of my life! The morning started with hair and makeup and then wardrobe for me.Walking down the hall, we bumped into Tim DeKay. He was friendly and spoke to us. While in make up, Sharif Atkins came in and struck up a conversation with Tina. He was so charming and friendly and even better looking in person.

Once I was ready, they set us up in director’s chairs with the writers to view the filming of some scenes with Tim and Sharif. We watched while they went through their scenes. We were situated between 2 sets that they were using, but had to watch the action on a monitor. When they were done, Tim came around to meet us and he spent a lot of time with us – signing pictures and letting us take pictures. We even sat down in the “FBI Interrogation Room” for a conversation, but someone commented that it looked like he was questioning us. He also was very nice and warm and made us feel welcome.

Afterwards, Matt Bomer arrived on set and he and Tim worked on a scene for a while. We watched on the monitors. When they were done it was time for my scene. I had to walk through a museum pretending to look at old books. No big deal except Matt Bomer was in the room and I REALLY had to work NOT to look at him! Anyway, we did this over and over for a couple of hours. I got to hang out with the real actors between takes. It was great fun! They didn’t introduce me to Matt until we finally finished our scene. He was also very nice and warm and seemed glad to have us crashing their workplace. He was really busy, but took time with us for pictures & autographs. Around 2 p.m. we broke for lunch and he thanked us for coming.

We came back from lunch about 2:45. I changed back to my own clothes and we watched Matt work on a several scenes by himself until about 7 PM when they were all finished. Russell Fine, the director, had asked for a picture with us.

EVERYONE at White Collar was amazingly friendly and helpful and cordial. We met a lot of them – assistant directors, production assistants, wardrobe, hair & makeup, writers, actors and their personal assistants and I bumped into and stumbled over sound and lighting techs and camera men. I can’t say enough good things about all of them. They ALL made sure that it was a day to remember!”


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