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Experience Recap: Stephen Colbert + J.J. Abrams Nerd Off

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How many Ewoks do you think you could take in a fight? That’s just one of the questions your winner Joe from Philadelphia, PA asked J.J. Abrams and Stephen Colbert when he met them at the Montclair Film Festival. Want to know more? Read on…

Tell us about your experience!
It began with attendance at Friday night’s taping of The Late Show. Seeing the show on television is one thing, but there’s a whole side to the show that you don’t see—Stephen sitting at the desk talking with the producers, the full song that Jon Batiste and Stay Human perform during breaks, and the warm-up guy or the Q&A session Stephen holds with the audience. I’ll never see the show the same way again

Saturday night was smooth sailing, as we went into Newark NJ to attend the Celebrity Nerd-Off, which was actually an extended interview between Stephen Colbert and J.J. Abrams. Before the event, we attended a cocktail reception. I was told that Stephen and J.J. walked into the room, approached the first person they saw, asked if he or she was the Omaze winner, and Stephen seemed very disappointed when that person wasn’t.

We couldn’t have gotten better seats. We were sitting with some people from the Montclair Film Festival, Stephen’s brother-in-law, and one of J.J.’s relatives. About halfway through, I went up to ask the first audience question, which turned into two questions when J.J. dodged the first and asked for a second one. The rest of the night consisted of pictures, a conversation with Stephen’s wife Evie, and just trying to process everything!

What was the question that J.J. dodged?!
It was: What, in your opinion, was the worst decision the Jedi made in the first six films? Whether he was appropriately stumped or couldn’t answer it was unclear.

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What’s the one thing you’ll never forget?
The personal attention I got from Stephen and Evie. Meeting Evie Colbert was likely the most unexpected highlight. I talked with her as we were leaving and she was an incredibly nice woman who was the perfect picture of the person who should be Stephen’s wife.

What was your favorite part?
That’s incredibly hard to pinpoint, but I’d have to say the conversation that we had with Stephen and J.J. at the cocktail hour. That was really cool—you can’t exactly put that into words.

Sum it up in one word.
Phantasmagorical* (I’ll wait while you look that up!)

*Editor’s note: According to trusty it means “having a fantastic or deceptive appearance, as something in a dream or created by the imagination.” Thanks for teaching us a new word, Joe!

What’s something memorable that J.J. or Stephen did?
I got up to ask my question, and the first question was dodged by J.J., so we had a backup. The backup question was “How many Ewoks do you think you could take in a fight?” Within two seconds, Stephen gets down on his knees in front of J.J. and starts mimicking an Ewok punching J.J. That is a sight I won’t ever erase from my mind

22572794794_10af951092_k (1)

What was it like talking with the J.J. and Stephen?
J.J. was very nice to talk with. With Stephen, it seemed to the casual observer like we were akin to old friends. Stephen has this ability to make you feel like you’re the only person in the room, regardless of how crowded the room actually was (it was crowded).

What’s one thing that the world doesn’t know about these guys?
Stephen and J.J. have a deeper connection than people might think. Stephen auditioned for J.J.’s film Filofax, which would later be retitled Taking Care of Business. That came out in the Nerd-Off main event and people were quite surprised.


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