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Experience Recap: Deadmau5

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Chris L. and his son Jack from Roseland, NJ had an electric day hanging out with Deadmau5, AKA his new friend Joel. A quick preview: farm animals, cars and top secret info. Jack gave us all the details below.

Tell us everything!
It was so great. First thing he told us was that he cleared his entire schedule so we could stay the whole day! We spent a couple hours in his studio hanging out and seeing everything, then he took us over to his farm—yeah, he has a farm. We played with all his animals there: goats, some chickens, and a horse. He has a whole 100 acres of property and made some cool trails that we rode ATVs around. After that we went back to his house, saw his cars, played some videogames, spent a little more time in the studio, and went out to dinner in his Space Invaders McLaren.


Wow, that’s a jam-packed day! And the car sounds awesome.
He has a lot more, too. 2 McLarens, a Lamborghini. We took his Jeep when we went over to his farm, and a Porsche! He has space for 3 cars in his garage, but because he has a lot more than that, he has this lift in there that raises them all up. There was one McLaren up at the top that was probably my favorite. It’s worth about $1.5 million because it’s extremely rare. It was awesome.

Were you nervous to meet him?
A little bit leading up to it. But he was really cool and just a regular guy—everyone just calls him Joel. I’ve been a fan for 5 or 6 years and made my dad enter for me. Spending the whole day with him was the best thing, it was just really amazing.

IMG_2699 (1)

Did your dad have fun?
He loved it. He used to play bass in a band and Joel plays the bass, too. He let my dad play a little for him, just messing around, and ended up recording it and made it into a short song that he sent to us.

That’s awesome! Did Deadmau5 Joel play any of his music for you guys in the studio?
Yeah, he played some unreleased stuff which was really cool.

IMG_2645 (1)

What was the highlight of the day?
Probably getting the mouse head that he gave me. We were in his house and he wheeled out this giant crate for me. I’m going to put it on display in my room.

The most surprising part of the whole day though was something I’m not allowed to talk about because no one else knows yet.

You got top secret info?! So are you guys best friends now?
I mean, he follows me on Twitter now, so I guess so. (Editor’s note: *mic drop*)


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