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Experience Recap: Cristiano Ronaldo

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Whether you call it soccer, fútbol or the greatest game ever played, going to El Clásico is a pretty huge deal. So is meeting the biggest superstar on the planet, Cristiano Ronaldo. Lifelong Ronaldo fan Sam from Perth, Australia got to do both!

So… what was it like?!
Me and my friend had the experience of a lifetime meeting Cristiano as well as watching El Clásico in the VIP box. We also got to explore Madrid over the weekend. It was our first time in Europe so it was amazing to get a taste of Spain.


Favorite part?
Meeting Cristiano! We met him in a meeting room at a hotel close to his house and were really nervous beforehand waiting for him to walk in.

Sum it up in one word… go.

What did your friends think when they found out?
They just didn’t believe me!

What was Cristiano Ronaldo like when you met him? 
It was really relaxed. He was really friendly and happy for us. We talked about the game, Europe, and his new movie coming out.

image (1)
The ultimate #SquadGoals.

What was the most unexpected part?
We had a guide who took us around Madrid and managed our whole experience really well. We were even driven around in a comfortable Mercedes, which was awesome.

What’s one thing that the world doesn’t know about Ronaldo?
He takes his friends and family everywhere possible and he is very active in charity work.


Thanks, Sam, and congratulations!

You can live the dream too!

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