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Employee Spotlight: Lee

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When you’re a vendor, a partner, or a donor, your funds have been closely observed by Mr. Peglow. The zaniest money man in the biz, Lee is as gifted at performing TLC’s “No Scrubs” as he is at keeping track of finances (aka, really good). Check him out.

Tell us about your childhood.
I moved out to LA for film production. I majored in finance and media studies, thinking I was going to be a film producer. I lied my way into a job here in Los Angeles and worked on set for two and a half years, bouncing from movie to movie.


How did you lie your way into the film industry?
I was working on “Super 8” back in Virginia as an extras casting coordinator for vehicles and the background. One day, I told the production coordinator that I was from Los Angeles and was looking to get on another movie. She said, “My next movie is starting in a week if you want to be my PA.” So it took me exactly five days to get myself to Los Angeles for this job. She liked me and put me on a ton of films after that.

What are your hobbies?
I really like to infuse liquor. I get a lot of natural ingredients and then infuse liquor into them. My favorite mix is blackberries with honey and vodka. Otherwise, I’m a big fan of camping and going on hikes.

Have any favorite hiking trails?
The one I take everybody on is the Wisdom Tree Hike. You hike towards the Hollywood Sign and veer off, then you walk along the top of the mountain range. At the very end, there’s a lone tree that people go to. The tree has a lockbox beneath filled with stories. It’s pretty amazing.

Tell us about Zoey.
I adopted Zoey at a shelter called Barks & Bitches. She was walking the streets of Bakersfield when they found her. My girlfriend always wanted a dog, but I thought we were too busy traveling and doing things on weekends. I come from a country town so I always wanted a bigger dog, but I was convinced to get a smaller dog since they’re easier to travel with. I was told they can sit on your lap and have small poops. I was sold. Now, she’s my favorite dog.

Lee and Zoey

Are there any charities you’re passionate about?
I used to walk with the Four Diamonds Association. They help with cancer patients. Every year, my fraternity at Penn State would participate in a 48-hour dance marathon to raise funds for them. That’s 48 hours without sleeping or sitting. I was delusional. It felt like I was dreaming but I was totally awake. 


You can live the dream too!

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