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Employee Spotlight: Kim

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Did you discover Omaze on Facebook? You probably have Kim, Paid Marketing Specialist, to thank for that. Coming to us from Torrance, California, Kim spends her days here maximizing donations by driving traffic to the site. As she puts it, “I basically create Facebook ads that get people to donate to all of our campaigns.” Learn more about Kim below!

What was your life like when you were growing up?
I’m an only child, so I grew up very close to my parents and my extended family. I spent a big chunk of my childhood on a competitive dance team, which sort of shaped who I am today. It taught me the importance of a team and how to set and accomplish goals. It also taught me that I never want to wear fake eyelashes again!

Who was your childhood celebrity crush?
I had a pretty big obsession with the Jonas Brothers, specifically Joe Jonas. One summer in high school, my friends and I followed them everywhere and went to every concert they had near us. #JoeJonas4Ever

What’s one talent you wish you could have but don’t?
I love watching sports, but I’m probably the least athletic person ever. If I could have any sort of athletic talent, I’d be happy. But for now, I’ll continue to watch from the sidelines.

What advice would you give to your high school self?
I’d probably tell myself to stop stressing and enjoy being young. At the end of the day, no one will remember if you got an A on that paper. But for the record, I definitely got an A on all my papers!

Name the first song that comes to your head. Don’t hesitate.
“Single Ladies” by Beyonce. Mainly because I just went to her concert and also Beyonce is always in my head—which isn’t a bad problem to have!

What’s a cause that you’re passionate about?
I’m most passionate about cancer causes. In middle school, my aunt passed away from cancer and was the mother of two very young children. The idea of any child being without a parent because of Cancer makes me sad and angry. My family and I have been volunteering for the American Cancer Society ever since to raise money for Cancer research and awareness so that hopefully one day there will be a cure!

What’s your dream Omaze experience?
I can never choose between my top two, so I’ll tell you both:
1. Be a background dancer at a Beyonce concert: I don’t even need to dance a full song, just one 8-count. I think it would be incredible to feel what it’s like to be her even for just 10 seconds 🙂

2. Have tea with Oprah Winfrey: I’d love to visit Oprah at her property in Santa Barbara (yeah, I know where she lives… is that creepy?) and ask her for life advice over a cup of tea. I feel like Oprah has all the right answers.


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