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Employee Spotlight: Hillary

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Say hi to Hillary Newman, the always sunny Director of Entertainment Partnerships. Think you know the coolest thing to do with your favorite celeb, she’ll come up with something even cooler. And, her effervescent demeanor will always leave you smiling. Here’s 10 fun facts about this California girl.

1. I’m a second generation Los Angeles native.


2. I fell off of a horse when I was 10 and broke my arm. Right before surgery, my parents asked if there was anything I wanted. I told them I wanted a party. 

3. My grandma is the coolest. She remembers everything, like what she was wearing the day she met my grandfather. She still manages to tell me stories I haven’t heard before. Here she is on her honeymoon.


4. I recently traveled to Japan with some of my closest friends, and learned life lessons that will leave an imprint on me forever, like: your hiccups will not help you in karaoke. Don’t try to sing with them.

5. I will always have a restaurant suggestion for you. Seriously. Try me. Have you tried Tacos Punta Cabras or Mapo Galbi?

6. My family runs a small vineyard in Santa Ynez, where we produce olive oil and five varieties of wine.


7. I have two dogs, 20 chickens, one goat, and 4 sheep. 

8. I love to cook and try new recipes. In the last couple of months, I’ve made a mess stirring, baking, roasting or boiling bossam, lamb tagine, a shrimp boil, kimchee, and lots of scrambled eggs.

Bo Ssam 9. I hosted a princess of Morocco in Los Angeles for a couple weeks. I’m gonna leave it at that. 

10. I know you’re not suppose to tell people this, but I’m the most ticklish person I know. 


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