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Employee Spotlight: Eric

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Now we’re gonna let you finish, but first you have to say hey to Eric Jaffe, aka Eazy-E, our Production Assistant. When he’s not busy running around helping produce our videos, he’s dropping hip-hop references as often as Kanye drops a beat. Jokes and gifs? He’s droppin those too.

Here are 10 fun facts about Eric

1. I was born and raised in Miami Beach, FL.


2. I’ve written for three hip-hop magazines.

3. I rarely dress up for Halloween but, when I do, I go out as Jewdacris.


4. Last year, I sold all of my physical CDs that weren’t recorded by Kanye West. The idea of someone selling a Kanye album is offensive to me on a religious level.977206_10151440109781483_453290550_o

5. I’ve recently become obsessed with FitBit and have hit my 10,000 step goal every day for the past three months…

6. ….but have only lost 4 pounds in that period because I can’t stop eating banana chocolate chip muffins from Trader Joe’s.

7. My bar mitzvah theme was books because, apparently, my parents didn’t think I deserved friends.

8. I collect mustards, especially of the honey variety. Honey dijon is my favorite.

9. I won’t watch slam poetry because I suffer from secondhand embarrassment and, as far as I’m concerned, slam poetry is always embarrassing.

10. My life goal is to write a Spider-Man feature, which seems profoundly achievable considering they reboot the series every five years. Spider-Man 2020, I’m coming for you.



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