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Employee Spotlight: Chris

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Today’s spotlight shines on Christopher Jaurique, Omaze’s ace graphics designer. See those graphics all over the screen? He probably made those. Impressive right? Learn about the man behind the design below.

What’s your motto?
“You’re here to have fun!”

What advice would you give to your high school self if given the chance?
Read those books! They’re interesting and classics. You won’t find the time when you’re older.

What’s your proudest accomplishment?
Being a really cool uncle to a really cool niece.


The world is ending in a week. What do you do on your final days?
The world is what?! See as much of it as possible! It’s so big and beautiful and cool!

What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?
Dropped a gallon of milk at Ralph’s recently, in the self checkout. Exploded in front of everyone. Made a huge mess. Ruined my groceries.

What charitable cause are you passionate about and why?
United Cerebral Palsy: Wheels for Humanity. They recycle/refurbish wheelchairs and send them overseas to countries in need. They also train the locals to fit and care for the recipients of the chairs.  They’ve also developed a wheelchair tailored to conditions in third world countries. Really great people doing really great things. I worked with them a few years ago on their new fundraising initiative.



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