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Chloe Howard: I Am Not Invisible

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You may remember that we recently partnered with (RED) to offer the chance to meet Bono backstage at one of his shows. Our winner, Dane, brought along his daughter, Chloe, and she shared a story so powerful, it inspired us to tell it in a bigger way: our very first Omaze documentary. This video tells Chloe’s story and the transformative experience she had with one of her heroes. It’s such an important reminder that these dream experiences can have meaning and impact beyond anything we can imagine, and when the perfect person wins an experience that seems like it was meant for them, something amazing can happen.

We’re so honored to have met and worked with Chloe and Dane, and we’re thrilled to help bring Chloe’s story to life. Please enjoy “Chloe Howard: I Am Not Invisible,” and check out Chloe’s website!

Thanks so much to everyone who supported (RED) and the fight to deliver an AIDS FREE GENERATION, and to all of you who make up this inspiring community.


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