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Chief World Changer Spotlight: Tori

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Congratulations Tori, our partnerships manager, and our newest recipient of the Chief World Changer Award!

Tori was nominated by Hillary for going above and beyond in her role while navigating difficult campaigns. Tori has an impressive ability to connect with partners, identify and execute solutions, and optimize campaigns. What Hillary loves most about Tori is her ability to be human and to have fun while doing it. She’s really talented at rolling with the punches and bringing a sense of humor to everything she does. She gives off her warmth to each one of us and to our partners.

We interviewed Tori to hear a bit more about her job, interests and her thoughts on receiving the award!

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Getting creative and working with partners that are excited to do something unique and original to boost funds for the charity partner.

What does it mean to be a world changer?

Using my skills and abilities and the privilege I have to work here to make a complete stranger’s life better.

Which of the Omaze core values means the most to you?

Be fun! I like to make light of a situation and befriend our partners. I love what Matt always says: “The shortest distance between two people is laughter”. If you’re fun and easy going even during a serious situation you can get a lot more done and at Omaze, getting more done means making a bigger impact.

What charity are you passionate about and why?

Right now, I am very passionate about Planned Parenthood. It provides for woman across the country and through Omaze, I want to help in creating another platform for supporters and our donors to donate and show their support. I am also very passionate about animal rescue centers, like No Kill LA and wildlife conservation.

What is your dream Omaze experience?

Hanging out on a yacht in the south of France with my family.

How do you plan on celebrating?

I really want to go see Hamilton, so I may finally go do that. I’m also going to Hawaii with my family, so I may do something special like a helicopter tour.

Describe your perfect Sunday.

Sleeping in slightly, but not too long because I like the early morning crisp air, going for a run on the beach, grabbing a smoothie, seeing my nephew next door, going to the beach with friends, having cocktails at a fun bar, and finishing the day with a nice sushi dinner.

What country do you really want to visit?

I want to explore more of Austria. I’ve been to a few towns there and they have been some of my favorite in the world, so I really want to go back someday soon.

Thank you Tori! Omaze wouldn’t be the same without you.

You can live the dream too!

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