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Chief World Changer: Carolyn L.

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What’s a Chief World Changer? An Omaze employee who goes above and beyond their daily work and embodies our company virtues (We Before Me, Grow Together, Take Ownership, Dream Giant, and Spread Joy).

Meet Carolyn. She’s a Project Manager and was nominated by her peers across the company to be recognized as Chief World Changer! Not only is she a rockstar at organizing numerous projects across teams, she was also instrumental in the creation of our fundraiser for COVID-19 relief organizations. 

Tell us a little bit about your role at Omaze.

As a project manager, I make sure all our internal teams have what they need in order to launch our experiences on time. I also manage other projects dedicated to improving our customers’ experience with Omaze. 

What’s your favorite thing about your job?

One of the best things about Omaze is the people. Being in a cross-functional role I get to work with so many people I admire and respect, and I’m always learning something new! The more I learn about the day-to-day of each coworker, the easier it is to see the big picture of how we all function together. Having that macro view has always been really exciting.

In your opinion, what does it mean to be a world changer?

A world changer is someone who is dedicated to long-term positive impact. It’s about ensuring that the solutions you implement are sustainable and maximize the amount of positive change possible. 

Which Omaze core virtue means the most to you?

“Grow together” resonates the most for me. Growth and development aren’t nearly as impactful (or fulfilling) if you’re doing it alone. Whether it’s work, friendship or community, feedback is such a valuable tool for strengthening relationships and making a space more collaborative.

What cause are you passionate about and why?

The cause closest to my heart is domestic and sexual violence. As a survivor myself, I’ve found so much strength working with organizations like RAINN, The Rape Foundation and the Center for Domestic Peace. They have health and legal resources which support current survivors and education programs focused on prevention so future generations have healthier relationships. 

What book did you contribute to our company bookshelf?

Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris. My mom used to play the audiobook in the car when I was growing up. In one essay, beginner French language learners try to explain the concept of Easter with their very limited vocabulary and the result is hilarious. I always go back to it whenever I need a comforting laugh.

What’s one food you couldn’t live without?

Ice cream. I always have at least 2-3 pints in my freezer. 

And finally, what’s your dream Omaze experience?

Be a guest judge on Top Chef! I would also happily be their resident Leftover Eater for an entire season if they’d have me.

You can live the dream too!

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