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Chief World Changer: Alyssa G.

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What’s a Chief World Changer? An Omaze employee who goes above and beyond their daily work and embodies our company virtues (We Before Me, Grow Together, Take Ownership, Dream Giant, and Spread Joy).

Meet Alyssa! She’s one of our Brand Designers and was nominated by her peers across the company to be recognized as Chief World Changer. Alyssa joined Omaze in 2018 and has done an incredible job of representing the Omaze brand through her work.

What’s your favorite thing about your job?
I absolutely love that my job is beyond myself and we’re all working together to make a tangible impact in this world. I always believed that design can change the world, but working at Omaze takes that to a whole new level.

In your opinion, what does it mean to be a world changer?
A world changer is someone who takes action, big or small, that creates a positive impact for today and future generations. *cue “We Are the World”*  

Which Omaze core virtue means the most to you?
Spread Joy! Even just typing that out brings a smile to my face.

What cause are you passionate about and why?
I’m dangerously obsessed with snowboarding, so protecting our world from climate change is a cause that’s really close to my heart. 

What do you like to do for fun?
Besides snowboarding, I’ve recently started making quirky paper mache creations of my friends favorite snacks. So far I’ve made a fried chicken drumstick, a hot fry, a Pilsbury snowman cookie, and a spare rib. I’ve got a few more in the works! 

What’s one food you couldn’t live without?
I don’t think I could live without salmon! Specifically salmon sashimi, mmm!

And finally, what’s your dream Omaze experience? (You know we had to ask!)
Bra shopping with Lizzie McGuire aka Hilary Duff! Please make it happen!

You can live the dream too!

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