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Chief World Changer: Emily Tsai

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In an exciting turn of events, and for the first time ever, this month’s Chief World Changer is one of Omaze’s awesome interns! Meet our super talented Social Media Intern, Emily Tsai.

Emily was nominated by what seems like hundreds of Omaze employees (she’s just that incredible!), but her manager Erika had this to say:

Emily has been a rockstar since Day One. She’s the employee every manager dreams of managing. She’s super sharp, dedicated, and willing to take on anything and everything you throw her way. She goes above and beyond on a daily basis and has made herself an indispensable asset to our team.”

Read more about this unstoppable rockstar below!


What is your favorite part of your job?
The collaboration across teams—it’s amazing to hear everyone’s creative way of thinking and then see the ideas come to life. As someone on our Social team, I also look forward to seeing how our followers respond!

Which of the Omaze core values means the most to you?
Be human. To me, life is all about empathy and connection, loving everyone as they are, supporting one another through the ups and downs, and embracing change and growth!

Wow—you’re wise beyond your years! What cause are you passionate about and why?
I believe strongly in racial and gender equality and especially the intersection of the two. These issues are so important because they inform the structure of other systems such as healthcare and education.

Our higher purpose as a company is to serve world changers. What does it mean to you to be a world changer?
Everyone has the ability to be a world changer, to make a positive impact no matter how big or small. Identify what you care about changing, then be proactive in turning your thoughts into actions. Make a difference by being different! Chances are there are other people who share the same feelings, so voicing your opinion matters just as much.  

Describe your perfect Sunday.
Go on a morning hike, then grab brunch (and definitely ice cream). Afterwards, I’d go shopping or visit a museum. I’d finish the day by getting dinner (pasta!!), then go home to watch a movie or do something relaxing.

Pasta and ice cream. Sounds perfect to us. What’s your favorite movie?
The Sound of Music. The Proposal. Tangled.

What is your dream vacation?
I haven’t had a chance to explore Europe yet. I’ve heard so many amazing things about Iceland, so that’s high on my list!   

What is your dream Omaze experience?
The ultimate Princess Diaries experience with Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews! We’d have a slumber party in a castle (with mattress surfing, karaoke and a Princes Diaries movie marathon) and then take princess lessons (flame archery is a must).


Give it up for Emily Tsai, Princess of Genovia and Chief World Changer! (Sorry, we had to.)

Join the team.

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