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Chief World Changer: Danielle Tucker

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This month’s Chief World Changer is our Lead Recruiter, Danielle Tucker! Here at Omaze, we’re so lucky to work with a team of talented/kind/hilarious people who want to send some good into the world. But it isn’t luck—that’s all Danielle. How does she do it? Here’s what our Lifecycle Marketing Manager, Shayma, had to say:

“Danielle’s never anything less than cool, calm and collected both in fashion and personality. I feel so proud to have someone like Danielle bringing in such talent to Omaze, because the first person people talk to is so crucial, and she does it at such a flawless level. It’s because of her that I strive for excellence.”

Check out our interview with Danielle below!


What’s your favorite part of your job?

My job is to help people make meaningful career changes. I love getting candidates excited about Omaze, our people, our mission, our future and our impact.

Which of the Omaze core values means the most to you?

Be Human. “It’s all about the people” was the best piece of advice I was ever given. Omaze is full of smart and passionate people. In order to do our best work, we need to continue to cultivate an environment that is inclusive, safe, fun and human.

What does it mean to you to be a world changer?

I think it means making authentic connections. I know, I know… the world is already hyper connected by technology! But I think in order to make positive impact (big or small!), we need to listen to each other, have conversations and create opportunities to work together.

Describe your perfect Sunday.

Coffee with steamed oat milk, please! A hike maybe in Griffith Park or Temescal Canyon.

Brunch with a bloody mary or glass of wine. (Fun fact: All’acqua has $5 bottles of rosé on the weekends!) And then asleep by 8:00pm, unless it’s Game of Thrones season.

What is your favorite movie?

All the Harry Potters.

What is your dream vacation?

I really, really want to go to New Zealand! Like what a dream?! But, if that’s not doable, I’ll be happy anywhere as long as I’m with people I love and living #robelife.

What is your dream Omaze experience?

Co-host The Daily podcast with Michael Barbaro. Or celebrate a friendiversary with Abbi and Ilana from Broad City.


Thanks, Danielle! Can we recruit you to be our brunch guru? We’ll bring the robes.

Join the team.

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