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Chief World Changer: Danielle Larson

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To honor Omazers in the office who embody our core values and go above and beyond on a daily basis, we started the Chief World Changer award.

This month our Chief World Changer is Danielle, Lead UX/UI Designer! She was nominated by her manager, Rafa, who said:

“There is no project that Danielle won’t tackle with passion, kindness and a fantastic sense of humor. It’s nothing short of a delight and a privilege to be her manager: I know at all times that, whatever we work on, she’ll deliver quality work and do it while keeping the best interest of Omaze and the donor at heart and motivating everyone around her.”

Want to get to know one of the friendly faces behind Omaze? Meet Danielle!


What’s your favorite part of your job?

I get to work with so many different people—both internally with coworkers and externally with customers. Also that I get to use the creative side of my brain as well as the strategic side.

Which of the Omaze core values means the most to you?

I think “Be Human” means the most to me because I love people and I think that it’s really important, especially in this day and age with social media and everything, to really be able to connect with people and with customers. Having a brand that understands that and is really dedicated to that is important. It makes my job a lot easier, too, when advocating for great customer experience. Instead of asking customers to do something different, we think about what makes sense for them and then create experiences around that.

Our higher purpose as a company is to serve world changers. What does it mean to you to be a world changer?

First, trying to bring your best self to everyone that you meet and just trying to connect genuinely with people. I really try to live by just being kind and bringing goodness to the world in any way I can. Even if it’s just greeting someone at the grocery store, smiling at someone when you walk down the street… just building that human connection. The second thing is just stand for something. I’m working on trying to communicate my voice out into the world and share that because I think if there’s something you believe in you need to stand up for it and share it.

How do you plan on celebrating being our Chief World Changer?

Hopefully a fun trip! Maybe to Spain, maybe somewhere else—I don’t know!

Favorite book on the company bookshelf?

It’s a book of poems I put on the bookshelf called The Prophet. It’s always my go-to whenever I need a little perspective or pick-me-up. It was written a long time ago about the ebbs and flows of life, but is still very relevant and real.

Describe your perfect Sunday.

Probably waking up, going to yoga, spending some time outside, having a really yummy breakfast and lunch. Just relaxing!

And last, but not least… your dream Omaze experience?

I have a few… one would be making pasta in Italy with Aziz Ansari. Another one would be having Chip and Joanna from Fixer Upper do a home remodel. But REALLY my number one would be to have a Queer Eye moment, spend a week with the cast and have a full life makeover. Or even just to be one of the Fab 5 and go on production with them and see how they do it all and hang out with them!


Thanks, Danielle! Omaze wouldn’t be the same without you.

Join the team.

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