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Cheers to All The Good You Did in 2020

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2020 vision didn’t quite help us predict what would happen this year, but your kindness and generosity proved that there’s always room for hope, love and optimism. Thank you for all you’ve done this year.

Take a scroll down memory lane with us! 

The Big Picture

$20,242,642 will go to support world-changing charities via a grant from CAF America

6,395 winners lived their dream

130 nonprofits got love from you awesome people

4.5M+ total donors making it happen

The Big Impact
Your donations this year can help… 

Make-A-Wish grant 144 wishes.

Access Fund restore 403 miles of social trail.

The Dempsey Center provide counseling for 6,973 individuals or families impacted by cancer.

The Petersen Automotive Museum supply buses for 83,392 students to enjoy STEAM-based tours. 

Represent Justice provide 543 formerly incarcerated individuals with technology to help them connect to family, participate in classes and more.

Let’s Get Digital
1,086,476 Omazers like you on social media

480 questions answered during Talk with Us Tuesday 

Too many virtual meetings to count

Inside Omaze 
128 employees behind the magic

55 pets (32 dogs, 22 cats, 1 turtle) we virtually cuddled

2 new Omaze babies (we can’t wait to meet you Ezra and Aaron!)

20 new hobbies attempted at home (yoga training, candle making, bread baking, crossword doing, pottery throwing and so many more)

Reasons to Smile
Our dream? Telling you that you won yours.  Check out our favorite winner reactions that have kept us smiling all year long.  watch now

2020 has been quite a year, and we’re glad you were there with us. See you in 2021!

You can live the dream too!

Check out our current experiences.

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