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Charity Update: Julia’s House

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It’s always incredible to get updates from our charity partners, and Julia’s House, the beneficiary from last year’s Robert Downey Jr. campaign, has some really exciting info to share about what your generosity is doing for their children’s hospice. The last time we checked in with Martin Edwards, CEO of Julia’s House, they had just purchased the site for their new hospice center in Wiltshire, UK. Since then, a lot has happened. They’ve appointed a lead construction partner, the land will be shovel-ready as early as end of May, and they’ll be building by June. Also, the interior design plans are in motion… and this place sounds awesome.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 3.46.47 PM

The official artist’s impression of the front entrance for the new center.

To start, the whole center will have a Wiltshire World Heritage theme, including images of Stonehenge and artistic interpretations of cavemen drawings! White horses, a symbol of Wiltshire, will also play a prominent role in the design. There’ll be a multisensory room, which helps stimulate senses for children with limited sight and hearing; a teenager den, where older kids can have a space of their own; and a beautiful garden which includes a private area for patients and families to reflect, as well as a water feature displaying a stone inscription that reads, “Beloved, treasured, and one day reunited.”

Your incredible support is literally bringing this place to life! And some of the most impactful things your donations are doing take place outside the hospice center.

Julia’s House has wonderfully ambitious goals, and the funds you raised allowed them the time and flexibility to develop these broader plans. They’re working to expand their community nursing program, which provides care for children in their own homes. They’re lobbying government officials to improve kids’ respite care, and doing research to prove that this care can reduce parental divorce and separation rates. They’re now even providing mentorship and advice to start-up hospice centers in the U.S.—the Ladybug House in Seattle, and Asher’s Smile in Florida.

To you, our amazing community, we and the team at Julia’s House offer our deepest gratitude. Martin and the staff didn’t know it was possible to raise these funds this quickly. And because of your heroic effort, it happened. Seeing these plans and possibilities come to life is so inspiring and uplifting, and it’s all thanks to you.

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