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Charity Update: Julia’s House Pt. 2

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It’s been just over a year since our first campaign with Robert Downey Jr., when we offered you the best night of your life. Not only did our winner Harry have an absolutely incredible day, but thanks to all of you, children at Julia’s House will have many brighter days to come. We’ve given you step by step updates of their progress along the way and now have some big news!

Construction on the new hospice center officially began in mid-June and they are aiming to complete building by January 2017. How awesome is that? After some inspections and registrations once it’s built, a Spring 2017 opening is in sight. Woohoo!

Want a sneak peak? Check out what the place looks like pre-construction from Julia’s House patron, Rupert Everett.

Your incredible support is literally bringing this place to life! To you, our amazing community, we and the team at Julia’s House offer our deepest gratitude. Thanks for being awesome.




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