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Charity Share: Kids In The Spotlight

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Here at Omaze, we love videos. They’re a huge part of how we tell our story and something we’re passionate about. So Kids In The Spotlight, the charity we worked with when Ty Burrell offered to be your dad on the Modern Family set, is an organization we believe in wholeheartedly.

Kids In The Spotlight (KITS) works directly with children across LA in foster care and low-income area schools to help kids create, write, cast and star in their own films. Their goal is to give kids from difficult backgrounds the confidence and skills to rise above their current situations and achieve their dreams. We felt so touched by their mission that we were inspired to invite an awesome bunch of young filmmakers from KITS to spend a day on our Ty Burrell shoot!


Omaze’s director of production, Aaron Godfred, was a total rockstar on set with these kids. We’re not sure if he switched into dad mode or teacher mode (probably both?), but he immediately took them under his wing and demonstrated some tricks of the trade. Aaron taught the kids how to handle and operate professional cameras, he led a discussion with a Q&A on different career opportunities in the industry, and even helped them shoot some footage! Thanks, Aaron!

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Thank you to everyone who donated and supported this organization. We’re so honored to work with them and had a blast on set with Ty. Feel inspired? Check out Kids In The Spotlight and watch some awesome student films!

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