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Charity Share: Inspire Change Broadway

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Oh myyy! Social media aficionado and former helmsman of the Starship Enterprise, George Takei is offering one lucky Omaze winner the opportunity to “Takei over NYC” with him. Just $10 gets you the chance to have a private dinner with George, sit VIP at his Broadway musical Allegiance, and go inside the stage door to meet the cast! And it all supports Inspire Change Broadway.

Launched in 2009, Inspire Change Broadway provides communities across the tri-state area with subsidized tickets and round-trip transportation to Broadway productions. So people that might not have a chance to see and learn from these eye-opening shows get to do just that, which helps foster dialogue and inspire change.

Allegiance. BOLD.

Maybe we just have a flair for the dramatic (one of our Omazers, Morgan, is literally at BroadwayCon RIGHT NOW), but we can’t think of a more entertaining way to learn than watching a musical! And thanks to donors from around the world and Inspire Change Broadway, 10,000 students who may have been unable to afford tickets got to experience the Tony Award-winning musical Memphis.

Now the foundation hopes to do the same for Allegiance, which is set during the period of Japanese-American internment in World War II and inspired by events from George Takei’s own childhood experience. Learn more here! 



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