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Charity Share: After-School All-Stars

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There’s a lot of things to love about school, like making new friends in class or learning a cool subject. But what happens when the final bell rings? We all need a safe space, and After-School All-Stars gives students just that.

After-School All-Stars provides comprehensive after-school programs that keep over 70,000 low-income at-risk youth safe and help them succeed in school and life. With free programs around health and fitness, enrichment opportunities, and academic support, students are given tools that build on what they already learn in school.

When learning is fun and approachable, the possibilities are endless. Now more than ever, we need to support education funding. We’ve previously partnered with After-School All-Stars on campaigns like King Arthur, Teen Wolf and Kobe Bryant, but don’t fret! We’ve got even more chances for you to support After-School All-Stars.

Because Arnold Schwarzenegger is so passionate about the power of after-school programs, he’s teamed up with us once again. But this time… to be your life coach! Enter for a chance to chat over lunch with Arnold, or snag one of his exclusive “I’ll See You After School” t-shirts, and support After-School All-Stars. Each donation goes towards investing into the future of these students and empowering their everyday lives.

You can live the dream too!

Check out our current experiences.

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