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Charity Share: One Heart Source

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Going 8 years strong, One Heart Source has a solid mission: to eliminate the gap between those who have access to bettering their lives and those who do not. They work to offer children in places like Tanzania, Jamaica and South Africa a fair life by improving the kids’ access to social and academic learning, the quality of their nutrition, personal care and attention, and life opportunity.

With a dedicated team and an effective volunteer program, they’ve built welfare centers and children’s homes, renovated schools, and taken an all-around holistic approach to transforming lives.

We’re so impressed by what One Heart Source has built from the ground up. Kim Coates, or Tig from Sons of Anarchy, is too—his daughter Kyla is their Education Programs Manager!

Kim and his SOA buddies Charlie, Tommy and Boone are offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience that’ll benefit this great nonprofit. One leather-clad winner will reunite with the guys to ride Harleys, hang out on the Sons of Anarchy set in LA, and grab lunch.


Rev up your engine and enter to win, because your last chance to donate is November 19th!

Feeling the wind in our face already,

Team Omaze


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You can live the dream too!

Check out our current experiences.

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