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Charity Share: Lake Stevens Boys and Girls Club

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Located outside Seattle, the Lake Stevens Boys and Girls Club enables kids and teens to reach their full potential as responsible and caring citizens. One of their great success stories is our buddy Chris Pratt. And now, he’s returning the love by helping the club build a new teen center. How? By giving YOU the chance to hang with him on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.LS 8 copy

The Lake Stevens Club aims to provide a safe, fun and positive place for youth to spend time, and their membership has quickly grown to over 2,200—900 of whom are between the ages of 11 to 18. With every entry to hang out with Chris on set, you’ll support their efforts to build and maintain a new, and much-needed, teen center.  The Lake Stevens community has no movie theater, bowling alley or shopping mall, so this facility would provide a welcoming space to run programs specifically for teens. $100 can cover three yearly memberships to the club, and $1,000 can provide pizza and drinks for all 12 of their Teen Nights throughout the year.


By having a hand in this center designated specially for teens, you’re helping them develop the skills they need to succeed in life. They’ll have a space of their own, where they can grow, bond and learn from each other. This’ll help shape who they grow up to be. So thanks for your support, and who knows… you could be rooting (grooting?) for the next Chris Pratt.


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