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Charity Share: Grimmster Endowment

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Once upon a time (about 2 years ago), the cast of NBC’s Grimm visited the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon. They were so inspired by the children and families they met, they set up the Grimmster Endowment—a fund (named after fans of the show) that helps provide patients and families at Doernbecher with care, travel, lodging, and other types of support.

Want to help? Support the Grimmster Endowment at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital by entering to visit the set of Grimm, meet the cast AND get transformed into a Wesen!

As one of the leading children’s hospitals in the nation, Doernbecher treats over 66,000 patients each year—many of whom are under-insured. It’s so awesome that an organization like this devotes their time and resources to fundraising for these families during times of stress, when even things like transportation can be overwhelming. We’re so excited to make a significant impact for them, and we’re incredibly thankful for your support. Let’s give them a happily ever after!

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