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Charity Share: Farm Sanctuary

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StewartJuly2015_JMcArthur-2807When Jon Stewart announced his retirement from The Daily Show, the question on everyone’s mind was “what’s next?” Officially “funemployed,” Stewart and his wife Tracey McShane purchased a New Jersey farm and turned it into a sanctuary for rescued farm animals to live out their natural lives in peace.

StewartJuly2015_JMcArthur-2435So what does a satirical news anchor’s family and farming have in common? The pair have been longtime animal advocates–along with two children, their household includes two horses, two pigs, four dogs, three rabbits, two guinea pigs, one hamster, one bird and two fish (one known as “Brian Williams”).  But it was when Tracey happened upon the book, Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts and Minds About Animals and Food that she became deeply involved with the animal protection organization Farm Sanctuary, even inspiring her own book Do Unto Animals. The couple’s involvement has been so impactful that Farm Sanctuary named two sheep after them.

Farm Sanctuary has three locations in New York and California, providing farm animals rescued from cruelty with emergency and long-term care. One story that really touched us was about a pig called Truffles. (Not just because of the awesome name.) Truffles was raised with a life expectancy of just six months by which time she would be slaughtered for meat. During her first weeks of life, Truffles was separated from her mother and subjected to physical abuses. As she was being transported to a “finishing farm,” Truffles fell out of the truck and was left bleeding and bruised in the road.

Enter an incredible woman named Denise, who stopped her car and took Truffes to Farm Sanctuary. Fast forward a few years and Truffles is now 10 years old, has a best pig-friend called Violet and recently met up with her very own life-saver, Denise!


Farm Sanctuary is holding a gala in NYC to honor Jon and Tracey for the support and dedication they’ve provided to the cause and animals. The best part? YOU could join them as their VIP guest and even snap a selfie with suited-up Stewart!

With your entries to join Jon and Tracey at the Farm Sanctuary Gala as their VIP guests, you are funding nutritious food, lifesaving medicine, and comfortable living spaces for the animals.  

Thank you, Farm Sanctuary, for your impactful work. We are sending Truffles some virtual belly rubs.  

– Team Omaze


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